• Lien Thanh Thuong Quan was established in 1906 to respond to the call of Duy Tan by Phan Chau Trinh.

    After more than 100 years, Lien Thanh's Duy Tan mission has ended, but the national spirit has not been lost

    which is carefully preserved in the quintessential Vietnamese flavor of every drop of fish sauce that you can feel.

  • Company culture

    Founded in 1906, existing and developing up to now for more than 100 years, Lien Thanh Company affirms to be a solidly developed enterprise, making a significant contribution to the general development of society. “Corporate culture” is one of the important factors constituting the “team” of an enterprise. One cannot manage a business well without using cultural tools.

    Company culture is reflected in the following aspects:

    1. Transparency:

    – All employees of the Company comply with regulations on transparency.

    – Great results: all customers, suppliers are very satisfied when doing business with Lien Thanh Company.

    2. Solidarity:

    – The staffs and employees are always
    united and work together to “fight” their best for the common goal of the Company.

    – The spirit of solidarity and solidarity to help each other, strong people support the weak, good people communicate and guide those who are weaker than themselves to jointly enhance the internal strength of the Company.

    – The collective of employees who receive their monthly salary always deduct a little to contribute to the Mutual Fund.
    This fund, under the management of the Company’s Trade Union, is used to provide loans to employees who need loans to solve temporary and unexpected difficulties they encounter.

    3. Devotion:

    – The traditional fish sauce production worker is always gentle, industrious, industrious, tolerant, hard working, wholehearted with his work.

    4. Loyalty:

    – Lien Thanh Company in the process of development sometimes encounters inevitable difficulties, all employees of the Company work together to overcome those moments.

    – Dozens of employees have worked with the Company throughout their life, living and dying with Lien Thanh.