For perspective, the sustainable development of the Company as a result of contributions from each worker staff, Board of Directors Corporation Seafood Processing Joint Members always develop policies and regimes to improve the lives of officers and employees of the company Contact List.
Each year, the Board of Directors of the Company are quoted Contact List a budget to support the cost of repair of housing for the workers and employees of difficulty to improve the environment and create work for peace of mind employees and the selection criteria for the lion's share of staff achievements in labor and production, perennial sticking with the company.
  From this policy, the Executive Board of the Joint Trade Union Members are tasked to find out the circumstances of individual officials and employees to once a year, union executive committee will select the deserving and suggestions Board of Directors to support the cost of construction or repair of houses, depending on the circumstances.
In 2012, the Group Executive Committee of the Company and thoroughly on the circumstances of each personnel of the company, considering the contribution during the work of individual officers and employees. After consideration, the Executive Committee of the Company's group chose him Duong Thanh Tam, Head of production workshop 4 are supported cost home improvements in 2012.
As of 2012, he Duong Thanh Tam has worked at the company Contact Member for 5 years. In 2008, he started working at the place of production workers on the shop floor 4 of Joint Members. After two years of intense work, his mind was appointed to the position Head 4 production workshops and worked in this position until now.
In late 2011, after 4 years of saving salary working at the company, he bought maunh natnhou in Binh Chanh district, and he had taken temporary houses, walled corrugated sheets on land to get married, have children. In the May storm in 2012, his house was leaking roof condition, super column is not enough to ensure habitat.
Union executive committee of the Company has recognized the difficulties and decided to propose to the Board of Directors of the company to support the cost of home repairs to his heart. At the heart of his contributions in 5 years of work, the Board of Directors has supported 20 million to fix the mind on him early in November 2012.
With funding support, now his house has been repaired more spacious and his home was filled with laughter.