Lien Thanh Thuong Nguyen Trong Quan originally Wading, Nguyen Quy Anh (two sons patriotic poet Nguyen Thong), Ngo Van Franchise, Ho Ta Bang, Nguyen Hiệt Chi, Tran Le substance formed, former general headquarters The village life in Germany, now the ruins of 306 Tran Hung Dao, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan.

Corresponding 3-point platform of action "intellectual Khai - People Got Gas - Hau welfare" Duy Tan movement in time, Lien Thanh Thuong Quan is one of three organizations that the cultural function - political - Economic tied together:

- Duc Thanh School Title was founded in 1907, teaches child labor patriots and patriotic content poverty and progress.
- Lien commune Letter: was founded in 1905 to disseminate the contents of books with patriotic.
- Contact City Commercial shop: was established June 6, 1906 to raise funds operating economics, while creating jobs for people.

At that time, due to the major professions in industry and commercial background of Indochina were due from the French and Chinese manipulation, should Lien Thanh Thuong Quan selected business manufactures and sauce - the business lines small business, not in the hands of foreign capitalists. Apart from fish sauce, Lien Thanh Thuong shop business also in the field of hotel services, drug trafficking north, fabrics in the time before 1922.

During the initial start-up, thanks to the support of those who sympathize with Duy Tan movement, as well as members of the French mission in Binh Thuan is Lucien Claude Garnier minded Leon Civil Rights, the Inter City have conditions to develop in the first few years. 1909, Union City house rent Commercial shop No. 1/2/3 Quai Testard and open the business division in Saigon. 1911, Nguyen Trong Wading died, Ho Ta Bang alternative in general management positions - the Director. He has skillfully managed to put the company overcome difficult period, at Duy Tan movement suppressed and Lien were constantly harassing.

1917, Nguyen Quy He was elected President of, and Ho Assistant Chief State responsible Decree (Chairman of the Board) and the President of move in Cholon, to buy a plot of land in building barns containing Khanhhoi sauce. This time, the capital of the Company up to 93'200 Indochinese silver coins. By 1919, Nguyen Quy Anh handed responsibility Total Quality Management for Tran Le and Tran Le ambiance was further put into a period Lien flourished.

1922 construction company based in Khanh Hoi and move from Cholon Total life here. In the same year, Lien Thanh fish sauce participation tti in Marseille, France and generate buzz. Since then, the company gradually expanded Union City sub-network of the provincial capital in Phan Thiet, Phu Hai (Phan Thiet), Mui Ne, Hung Long (Phan Thiet), Phan Ri, Hoi An, the geographical distribution Coordination sauce in many central and southern provinces, through the Cambodian government and in Europe.

In 1960, Lien Thanh build a fertilizer factory odorless from the whale carcass at Phu Hai, Phan Thiet. Fish sauce production industry, this is an important initiative to recover waste. Phu Hai fertilizer products quickly Dalat growers accept consume.

After Tran Le Substance lost in 1969, Huynh Van Dau hold responsibilities Chairman of the Board until his company agreed to donate to the state in 1979 with the condition that retains the Contact List with altar 6 founding ancestor.

After being nationalized, the distribution in the provinces of Union City was converted into the sauce base of locally owned, Phu Hai fertilizer factory transformed into state enterprises Fertilizers Phu Hai, and agencies The head of the Union in Saigon were pooled with 9 fish sauce production enterprises in the province of private enterprise Lien Thanh Quoc fish sauce now, until 1990, then moved to Enterprise Processing Lien Thanh Seafood. In 2001, according to the guidelines of the State and Processing Enterprise Lien Thanh Seafood equitized and then renamed Corporation Seafood Processing Union City today.

In the time since the founding in 1975, the Company recorded Lien has made financial contributions to the movement DTU, Dong Du movement, Vietnam Front Independent Alliance (Vietnamese Minh City) and hand National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam.