Posted patriotic poet, social activist Nguyen Tan An Update from the Phan Thiet chose this place for seclusion. He built a small house named Crouching anyway as a place to read books, poems and human exposure to the patriots of the time. After his death, his children, Nguyen Trong Loi, Nguyen Quy He also regularly exposed to the patriots who like Truong Gia Model, Phan Chu Trinh, Huynh Thuc Khang ... here. 1905, during the Vietnam tourist population survey the extreme south central province, Phan Chu Trinh has suggested, encourage your child to school should open Phan Thiet learning conditions. Mr. Loi, Mr. He endorsed the policy should have been campaigning for school construction in 1907 on the order of their land. Then, the learning needs of local children should not many small-scale fields, not just to build up layers that separate a common house, roof tiles, wooden columns and walls. The school also houses a fisherman (before the open field is a barrel containing fishing gear and fish sauce) for teachers and students in remote accommodation. Funding activities, Duc Thanh School performance based on earnings yields fruitful field of 10 acres donated by benefactors and Trade Union City shop to support more funding. Teachers of schools, including teacher Nguyen Quy Anh principal; Mr. Chan; Chinese teacher, teacher's, Mr. Hai, teachers and teacher version List (Nguyen Tat Thanh, then 20 years old). Students 50 -60 children; most of them are children of wealthier. Teaching content of the model Duc Thanh School Tonkin Free School, has transformed in accordance with local conditions; education in various forms in order to arouse patriotism; The only movement of the new country; develop intellectual and physical training for youth. How to teach creative brand Duc Thanh School is teaching the national language, taught Chinese and French words, but not to teach French culture and history of France that French literacy to students; through education that patriotism VN. Instructional content using many patriotic poems and put a new fitness goal is the time to teach at the school for physical education for students. May 3-1911, headmaster Nguyen Quy Anh received manure management in the Union City Grand Bazaar. Loi Nguyen Trong school administration. Mr. Loi died May 6-1911. Where then dissolved.

Historically significant milestone as well as from the roof as the young Duc Thanh Nguyen Tat Thanh patriotic stopped to prepare more knowledge and experience life before crossing the ocean to find a way to save water. Teacher Nguyen Tat Thanh Phan Thiet to teach school Duc Thanh to May 2-1911 at the recommendation of Mr. Truong Gia Model - was screened at the preferential customs Forestry Ministry of Hue. The teacher teaches script, Chinese writer and gymnastics. Thay are very close to the students. In effect Duc Thanh School, Teacher To keep life bar transparency, simplicity; consistent with real life time. The teacher refused Crouching in anyway but to eat with the teacher, role in the fishery. The teacher is one who is willing to learn: learning from books, from colleagues, from the people. Weekends, he often visited The poor in fish landing Rubbing Alcohol, visit elaborate meals, the life of her child labor poor sea; poorly understood by fishing, sailing practice, navigating the sea .... To me to be more creative in ways to convey to help students understand the lesson quickly. With a new fitness goal is, private schools do not teach formal, teacher Member organizations for student athletic light to help them avoid fatigue after each lesson. In addition to classroom lectures, master Members often go extracurricular organizations: take my students to sing opera, attend the festival of local culture ... The occasion The teacher often tell stories of history, scenic introduction of country or comments poetry, thereby teaching students conception of life. In addition to teaching, teachers and students every morning watering plants, cleaning schools; self-discipline themselves and set an example for students. Upstairs there anyway Crouching bookcase Nguyen Thong leave, Mr. Thanh was soliciting donations of books, money for "enrichment" bookcase. He also contributed money and some books for your school.

A very significant contribution to the company's Contact List To help him in the process from Saigon to Phan Thiet before going abroad to find a way to save water. 1911, Nguyen Tat Thanh Ho Assistant State is, Zhangjiajie model, Tran Le quality help in Saigon with the name Van Ba Thanh Joint and funded some material for teachers List before leaving. The place in Saigon until the ship is also the headquarters of the Union City Commercial fertilizer shop at Quai 1-2-3 Testard, this is the number Chau Van Liem 5-7, the Ministry of Culture and Information rated as national historical monuments under Decision No. 1288-VH / QD dated 16-1-1988.

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