When fasting is not just a religious rule that individual needs to become a global trend for health, the environment and the products and services more abundant, more diverse.

As a special spices in traditional cuisine, this life, sauce seems indispensable in Vietnam tray. Fish sauce has created a charming, seductive dish just like a typical Vietnamese food culture.

Therefore, when switched to a vegetarian diet, spices alternative that consumers often choose soy sauce, salt water was prepared according to preference. Flavor, the essence of which is the sauce taste in food habits are not stored. This is also the reason why folk would call a vegetarian or eat food like crackers ...

For over 100 years the fish taste, become the leading brand of spices specifically, the company Lien studied to create a unique vegetarian sauce and differences, allowing consumers though rather changing eating habits (from salt to vegetarian) but no loss of spices typical Vietnamese dishes.

Company Contact List chose pineapple (pineapple) that are classified as fruits King of nutrient criteria has increased resistance to both stimulate digestive qualities series: water, protit, carbohydrates, calcium, iron , vitamins, phosphorus and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, P, PP, E ... to make the sauce ingredients that promote vegetarian highest health benefits. In addition, the pineapple is sweet sound when mixing with the salty sea air will make the flavors blended to create the charming, sweet, attractive.

With a basis of pineapple juice and salt, fish sauce Vegetarian Union City is produced by the process of natural fermentation and control standards of food safety HACCP. The presence of Union City vegetarian sauce in the market today is considered a breakthrough in technology spices.

Vegetarian fish sauce Lien 300ml pet bottle was friendly, handy. Vegetarian fish sauce is distributed in Union City:
   * Traditional Channels: The large and small markets in the city and neighboring provinces: Dong Nai, Binh Duong ...
   * Supermarket Channel: Company Contact To co-produced and distributed exclusively in Coop supermarkets nationwide.

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Company Contact List (Société de Lien Thanh) is the legal name of The Trade Union shop, a business organization by patriotic scholars in Binh Thuan founded in 1906 in response to movement by Phan Chau DTU Trinh Tran Quy Cap and Huynh Thuc Khang initiated in Central America.

At that time, due to the major professions in industry and commerce of Indochina are due from the French and Chinese rigging, so shop Trade Union Members selected manufacturing and trading of fish sauce - the business line small business, not in the hands of foreign capitalists.

1922, construction company based in Khanh Hoi and the general move from Cholon on the wire of the same year, sauce Lien tti participate in Marseille, France, and create buzz. Since then, the company gradually expanded Lien network of distribution in the provincial capital Phan Thiet Phu Hai (Phan Thiet), Mui Ne, Hung Long (Phan Thiet), Phan Ri, Hoi An, the geographical distribution coordination sauce in many southern and central provinces, through the Cambodian government and the European

After nationalization, the distribution of the Union City in the province was transformed into the sauce base of the local state, and the main campus of Union City in Saigon merged with 9 manufacturing enterprises private sauce in the area of state-owned enterprise sauce Union city, in 1990, then renamed enterprise seafood processing Contact List. In 2001, under the policy of the State Enterprise Seafood Processing Lien was privatized and then renamed Corporation Seafood Processing Union City today.