So far, brand identity system played a key role for the overall development of the brand, it shows a serious investment, professional, easy to be acceptable in terms of awareness and it becomes part of the company culture.

When the brand is perceived by reason and emotion. The identifying characteristics of the brand tangible direct impact of human emotions, creates a clearly visualize and understand most of Brands. This is considered a "shortest, fastest, most efficient" for the brand communication strategy. The reason to convince Leadership Investment Company 1 brand identity system:

- Consumers recognize and buy products easily: a brand identity system will deliver compelling and attractive high, it introduced a professional brand image, distinctive and easily recognizable for consumers, which is what creates success. Brand identity system also gives consumers the perceived value on physical properties (good quality, nice design ...) and emotional (Professional, with personality, class ...), it creates a psychological desire to own the product.

  - More favorable for the sales force: A brand identity system must know the strategy to focus on the consumer, it brings value, the message of the company's most powerful attack on the perception of consumers . The consistency of the brand identity system and the use of synchronous media will make the relationship between the buying and selling easier and closer. Now consumers buy products in an active, confident buying decisions because they believe in the brand as well as the value of that brand superiority Vietnam to give them.

- Easy to build assets Brand: The objective of all these companies is to create value dividends, brand reputation as one of the most valuable assets of the company. The success of a brand depends heavily on building public awareness, strengthen the reputation and value creation. A strong HTND Brands will help build brand assets quickly through growth in terms of awareness, understanding, loyalty of consumers to brand, it makes the brand value growth in a sustainable way. Brand Assets under construction and grows every time even when you are sleeping.

Stemming from the above reasons the Board of Directors since 2010 Contact The company has decided to rebuild a new brand identity for the purpose of expressing the identity of the company Lien through visual symbols , color, typography ... in a uniform, consistent create specific characteristics of Union City distinguishes the brand from other brands.

1. Logo

Established in 1906 

           New Logo



Meaning logo:
- Born in 1906 in the country was stage invasions, People's misery. Red Elephant show demonstrates the herd, solidarity, identity before the next golden heart as a nation of Vietnam.

- Design the new logo: Company Contact To retain iconic red elephant has however posture stylized elephant: elephant herds call themselves hose 1 reaffirmed the traditional solidarity, plate faithfulness and steadfast identity of the people of Vietnam. Like Company Contact To promote traditional industries have thousands of years old his father (fish sauce) further not only domestic but also more far-reaching international markets.

2. Other products systematically identify sauce Lien Thanh
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